We follow only the discretionary type of PMS where in the portfolio manager has discretion to make investments decisions on the client’s behalf.


  • Investment into a mix of high growth equity for good returns and balance in bonds, mutual funds and cash assuring safety.
  • Derivatives may be used for the purpose of hedging.
  • Investments are made keeping the client profile in mind.
  • Timely Investment decision are made after considering various fundamental and technical aspects.


  • Focus on long-term wealth creation.
  • A group of qualified dedicated experts take full charge of investment decisions.
  • An investment philosophy which aims at optimizing returns and minimising risks.
  • Online reports of all relevant transactions details.
  • Direct interaction facility with fund managers.

Minimum Investment

  • Resident: Rs. 5, 00,000.00
  • NRI’s : Rs. 25,00,000.00 (Repatriable)


Core management team with more than 3 decades of experience
Owns a strong Research & Analysis wing
Fully online integrated processes and reporting
Multiple Investment Schemes

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