AMJ STOCKS aims to create wealth for its investors in the long term through a scientific approach to equity investment.

Stock Selection

The selection of stocks for a portfolio is done after considering the economic characteristics of the company, its long term wealth creation potential, the commitment of management towards shareholders, valuation and also the technical position of the stock. Diversification across sectors and companies are done to reduce the systemic risk in the market. Investments in equities are held primarily on a long term basis and the transaction decisions are taken on the basis of the change in valuation of a particular stock.

Fund Allocation

Fund allocation to buy shares is made inversely proportional to market Price / Earning ratio (P/E). Attempt is made to keep the portfolio P/E equal to market P/E. Portfolio Beta is selected to be more than 1.0 in low market P/E and less than 1.0 in high market P/E conditions. Fund allocations, sectors, number of companies and Portfolio Beta are calculated with respect to market P/E by the help of custom built Portfolio Builder Software.

Risk Management

The unique feature of AMJ STOCKS portfolio is its risk management technique. The risk involved with the equity investment is tackled by maintaining tactical cash proportional to market P/E. Keeping cash in hand will be an automatic hedging mechanism against uncertainties of the market. Moreover, when the market declines from time to time, the cash provides liquidity to invest in the right stocks at attractive valuation.


Core management team with more than 3 decades of experience
Owns a strong Research & Analysis wing
Fully online integrated processes and reporting
Multiple Investment Schemes

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